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Added: Nov. 09, 2010 - Cutting the cost of family cruise holidays

Booking an all-inclusive cruise deal can be a really cost effective holiday option, especially when you´re travelling as a family. Paying for all of your flights, accommodation, transfers and meals in advance has distinct advantages, but the costs on board ship can soon mount up. If you´re looking to keep to a budget on your next cruise holiday, here are our tips for cutting onboard costs.

Salons and spas

Everyone deserves some pampering, especially while you´re enjoying a holiday, but too many trips to the ship's spas and salons can cost you a bundle. The onboard spas often offer discounted rates while the ship is in port and you can take advantage of these offers, or look for local salons and spas when you land for cheaper rates.

Shore excursions

Some cruise holidays will include shore excursions as part of your package price. If not, then do some research ahead of time for guided tours around your destinations run by local companies. These can often be far cheaper than those offered by the liners, and local companies will often be able to pick you up at the port too. Just make sure that you time your tour right – this is one advantage to cruise-operated tours – if it runs late, the ship will know and they won't leave without you.


All cruise liners have their own laundry and dry cleaning service onboard, however, prices can be high. Check to see whether your ship has its own self-service launderette, which will be much cheaper. Most ships also offer to wash a whole bag of laundry for a fixed fee once or twice a week, so if you can hold out until then, this is another cost saving option.

Everyday essentials

When it comes to your holiday essentials – sunscreen, camera film, razors, toiletries and medicines etc, make sure you stock up before your trip. You'll be able to buy all of these items onboard, but they'll be double the usual price. If you´re looking to save on cruise holiday costs, then we recommend booking your trip online for the cheapest packages. Check theThomas Cook Cruisewebsite for the latest cruises deals throughout the year.

Added: Nov. 09, 2010 - Easy tips for lower cost cruising

Booking an all-inclusive cruise holiday may seem like a great deal at the time, but if you´re not careful with your spending onboard ship, you could rack up a bill as big as the cost of your cruise ticket. While spending onboard is all part of the holiday experience, it helps to keep your spending under control so that you don't get a nasty shock when the final bill arrives. Here we've taken a look at some easy steps that you can take to help keep your onboard spending to a minimum.


Most cruise packages will include all of your meals in the main dining room. However, you'll find a whole range of enticing specialist restaurants onboard too, but you'll have to pay for these. If you´re on a budget, stick to the free dining room, and venture out for more exciting meals on land when you dock at your various destinations, as you´re sure to find cheaper eats and more authentic meals on land.


Save money on buying endless bottles of water, by keeping an empty bottle or mug with you. On most cruise liners, you can simply fill this up at the self-service buffet as and when you need to.

Getting online

Even when you´re enjoying a relaxing break you might want or need to get online, and cruise liners know this. Most ships have internet access, but they often charge exorbitant fees for doing so. Save money by only using the internet when you land. Crew members should be able to point you in the direction of the nearest internet cafes, which will be far cheaper. Another great option is to head to the local library, where online browsing and email-checking is often completely free.


A growing number of cruise liners now have spectacular onboard casinos. If you don't want to end your holiday with a negative bank balance, then try to avoid gambling altogether. If you can't' resist trying your luck, then set yourself a budget, and stick to it, leaving the casino if your fixed budget runs out. If you´re looking for a cruise holiday on a budget then we recommend checkingThomas Cook Cruise holidaysfor the latest cruises and last minute deals. Booking your cruise holiday online is a sure way to make savings from the start.

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