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It just doesn't get any better than the weather in Cozumel! That goes for the water temperature as well. Most of the time, the temperature hovers around the mid to high eighties and incredibly so do the surrounding ocean waters of the island.

In many places, the ocean water is a lot cooler than the land temperature - but not on Cozumel. Some tourists have described the ocean around the island as a huge bath. With a gentle, shallow coastline extending far out into the ocean, the water temperatures tend to complement the land temperatures allowing tourists to spend as much time in the water as on the sand. The water temperatures tend to be at their warmest during the summer months with a high of 85F and even during the worst of winters the water cools down to the mid to high 70's!!

"Nortes", known as cold fronts, sometimes cause problems during the winter months but the storms pass over the island quickly. The water can get choppy when there is a Norte.But normally the water is calm on the west-side of the island (the side the cruise ship dock on) and usually there are gentle waves on the east-side, the windward side of the island.
Cozumel wind, wave, cloud coverage and rain information for Cozumel:

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Water conditions and water temperature in Cozumel Mexico:

Cozumel is renowned for its clear, tropical waters. Average visibility around Cozumel is in the 100+foot range year-round, although shore snorkeling sites will usually have somewhat reduced visibility because of all the beach sand in the water it is still exceptional!
Here is a chart for ocean and water temperature in Cozumel (measured over 30 years):

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